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  5. "Tha an t-aran seo math!"

"Tha an t-aran seo math!"

Translation:This bread is good!

December 20, 2019



Am I an only one who heard "Tha an t-orainsear math"?


No I did as well! In fact this is my second go through and I remember I thought it was a good orange last time as well


Whats the t- for?


The tips and notes for the Food 2 skill explain it. The definite article an before masculine nouns beginning in a vowel prefixes t- before the vowel, so an t-aran the bread, an t-athair the father, an t-ubhal the apple.

The tips and notes for the lessons are available in the web browser version of Duolingo (unfortunately not in the mobile app on Android or iOS) and you can also read them on the duome.eu website.


Do you use the definite article together with seo here ("This the bread is good")?


Yes, you put seo (this) and sin (that) after definite nouns.


I'm not sure I understand... an t-aran is "the bread" right? and seo is "this". So why is it, "The bread is good" and not, "This (seo) is the good bread (an t-aran math)"?


This is the good bread would be seo an t-aran math.

In Gaelic the determiners seo this and sinthat go after a definite noun, they don’t work like English this and that that go before the noun.

You can think about them as kinda equivalent of English right here and over there, and then an t-aran seo as the bread right here and an t-aran sin as the bread over there if that helps you.


A different question here. Why doesn't math lenite after seo? Is lenition only after certain (soft?) vowels?


It got me again! I keep hearing "Tha an t-orainsear math."

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