"Two keys."

Translation:Dà iuchair.

December 20, 2019



Just an observation on plural in Gaelic. Dà iuchair - Two keys


Na h-iuchraichean - The keys


I think the difference between 'two' and 'three and more'? 'Two' is considered 'singular', where three and more are plural. Aye?


In general. There's a few others that go back to the 'singular' form as I remember, such as fichead, ceud, mìle. Dà will lenite the following word if possible. aon will lenite the following word as long as it doesn't begin with d, t, or s. Though oddly enough as far as I can see fichead does not lenite the following word at all, just leaves it in the basic singular.


Neither do cead, mìle, millean &c lenite, only aon & dà do. Basically you use the singular after a number which can be though of as a sort of unit (not the best word but I can't think of a better) - dusan, even leth-cheud are followed by a singular as well.


Is there a grammatical ruling for this...keys is plural so why not the same in Gaelic?


While there are exceptions, plurals generally start after three in Gaelic.

  • aon iuchair > one key
  • dà iuchair > two keys
  • trì iuchraichean > three keys


So complicated !


Why is this question in "the body" section?Just curious!

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