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New Stories in Spanish, French, and English!

Can't get enough of Stories? We're very excited to announce that we're bringing you even more new Stories! It's time to put your language skills to the test–and, of course, have loads of fun–with new Spanish and French Stories for English speakers. And for Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese speakers, we're also rolling out new English Stories! Meet new characters as they face tough situations, have hilarious encounters, and maybe even fall in love.

Start your adventure now!

Duolingo Stories

December 20, 2019



Wow, can't wait to get started, this is great news - oh, ma no, got a bit carried away there and thought it had happened at last! Never mind;-)


We need Italian stories!


Ahhhhh YES! The sooner the better...

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si, subito per favore!


Yeah, when are they gonna get italian stories!




How do you get the cute owl stickers?


I see them in other apps, but they don’t show up here


no idea ¯_(ツ)_/¯


How did you put a picture there?


yes italian stories is a great idea


AND Dutch/German stories


Definitely. Or maybe Swedish stories...


Yes, Swedish stories!!!


I would like stories in lots of languages


I mean, who wouldn't?


Yes, we do need Italian stories!


+1 for Italian stories!


please new german stories AND some in Italian


And Japanese and Czech...!!


we need polish stories / potrzebujemy stories po polsku


Have you tried the Spanish stories? Italian is my first language, and I find it very easy to read Spanish... Spoken Spanish is a lot more difficult, unless the speaker makes an effort to be understood. I get this sensation like I understand things said with a three seconds delay, but for a long sentence, I will then miss the final part, usually. And of course, slang expressions must be learned separately.

But I wonder if this works for people who learned Italian as a second language -- does it help understanding Spanish?


It does help a bit, but we would have to study for many years to get what you got for free.

I was quite amazed when I first heard native Italian speakers converse with a Spanish speaker, there was a bit of back and forth but they seemed to communicate fairly easily. I've since learned that this is not unusual, but at the time I was surprised at how well it went.


In my case, I learned Spanish as a fourth language and it made easier to study Portuguese due to the similiarity of vocabulary and grammar. But still have some difficulties to understand fast-spoken Portuguese...


Spanish is my third language and I consider myself fluent, even though I do lots of errors. Italian is my fourth language and I find it unbelievable hard to learn in comparison to Spanish and maybe that is why it is ‘easy’ for you to read Spanish; it is kind of more straightforward than Italian.


Have you ever thought of learning Italian from Spanish in Duolingo, and vice versa? That will help you to skip from one language to the other much more easily. And it's also a good idea to read a lot of books in either language and watch some videos as well.


Interesting. I am not very far into the Spanish grammar, but the constructs are very similar, I would say they should be roughly the same difficulty to learn. Italian plurals may be a bit more difficult, as you need to know the gender to get it right... but verbs work mostly the same.

Maybe what helps an Italian with Spanish is the exposure to the Italian dialects... You are exposed to at least the local dialect in addition to Italian; in my case, my parents were from different regions, and while we communicate in Italian, my parent very often speak in their dialects with relative and friends. So, while I cannot really speak either, I understand enough to get along. That may help with Spanish, as it is another language that has many commonalities with Italian, and I am already kind of trained to be flexible with spelling and grammar...


I agree, compared to French, Portuguese and Spanish, I'm finding Italian much more difficult. But I can imagine coming from Italian, Spanish might be relatively easy to understand.


spanish is my first XD


Spanish speaker here I understand a lot of iItalian without any previous study of the language. I think they should be considered the same language but with hipster accent (Italian) or rowdy accent (Spanish)


Well I speak Spanish as a second language (third actually), but I speak it quite well and it helps me a lot in learning Italian and Latin.


Can you do Latin on Android?


Native Russian speaker, English practically a second native language now, learned Spanish here in Provo/Orem, Utah, USA talking with my neighbors, participating in church classes in Spanish, teaching English to Spanish speakers, and having my neighbors help me fix our cars. Italian feels to me a dialect of Spanish, a lot of times I can guess what words mean that I never heard before by simply playing around with it a bit and obtaining a known word in Spanish. We, Russians, however, naturally play around with words a lot when learning our native language at a young age just to survive the rich vocabulary thrown at us which, however, lends itself to such analysis. So we have this instinct that can be applied to other languages - at least this has happened for me.

On another note, I like to take advantage of the similar sounding words that mean completely different things in my native language. For example, Italian certi (certain) sounds like Russian черти (devils). Italian vedro' (I will see) sounds like Russian ведро (bucket). The contrast of the difference in meaning makes me laugh and helps me remember the words better.


Yep, it definitely helps. I'm fluent in Spanish and conversational in French, and between the two, I can understand most of the Italian! The hard part for me is keeping the grammar rules separated...



“I get this sensation like I understand things said with a three second delay“.

Maybe you’re just buffering... ;)


It helps with Spanish, I find my self needing to review Italian so I do not confuse the two languages. I start to speak Stangiltaia


i have and its kind of hard to read but did you know if you touched the letters it tells you what it means.


I learned Italian to an intermediate level, and it is helping me learn Spanish a lot. But occasionally I want to use an Italian spelling instead of the Spanish. So many cognates.


That was what I was thinkin': Oh, Stories in a language I actually am learning! but no, of course not.


They're up in French. But most of the site is up and down. It's a mess today.


Can i ask you, wher are you from? And which language do you want to learn?


When you ask such questions, it's best to direct them with the @ symbol, to make it clear whom you are asking. As is, it appears that you responded to MarcoTheBoss. Correct?


Nearly no one uses this feature, but I want to try, @jairapetyan.


Hmm, it doesn't make a hyperlink? Why then do I need it?


So people know who you are referring to when questions are asked.


WE need italian stories


Italian stories, per favore!


YES!!! so excited, can't wait!!!


Thanks so much duo!!! This is a great update! I love how there's some kinda update almost every day! I love it!

Now is it just for French and Spanish? Or multiple other languages?


I kinda want a release log or some place where we can see what has changed but the new stories are perfect, especially the 3-5 ones in the spanish (and persumably other languages as the stories are the same) , as they fit in the gap of skill that was there from the old 2 to 3

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Here is a link summary to all the current released stories. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35112573
The spreadsheet is a bit ... squishy.
You could copy and paste this to a spreadsheet so you can expand the columns.
I will also post the previous "spreadsheet" I created there, so you can get some sort of idea of the considerable release that has just gone out.

Please note, I am a volunteer GA.


French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and I hope more languages in the future.


And Esperanto as well, as far I can see. Salutojn el la tuta mondo!


It's french, spanish, portuguese, and german


I think it is for more languages


Cue the requests for stories in [language], starting... now!


what's about stories in esperanto and/or turkish?
and what's about some lgbtq+ characters?
edit: "the song" and "the birthday present" feature gay couples!
and what's about another call for stories from the users?

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I have not yet gone through all the stories.

However in the very first set - across all the released languages, there is the delightful story of the :


You can read one of the stories in English Duo has produced, and I have been involved in doing transcripts and additional resources, here : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35655733

There could also be others, that I have not yet come across. Also, in the work I have been doing, I am noticing the stories tend to be unique for the language pairs. With little nuances in them. It is ever so delightful, and for those of us that are fascinated by multiple languages, it makes doing all of them even more tantalizing.


The story "In the Forest" also features a lesbian couple. In earlier stories, "The Honeymoon" has a lesbian couple and the story "The Jump" seems to be a gay love story but it never totally comes out of the closet.

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Thank you paul.ens.
I am very happy to hear this.

Duolingo supports diverse groups feeling safe, where all of us can feel safe, and also that this is where every one of us can be a part of our community, to learn a language.



Latin. I want to see the stories about dancing dolls and drunk parrots.


It is all good but it would be nice to see stories in more languages, as promised months ago.


I assume Italian is next for stories, or Japanese. I am hoping those two or Indonesian for stories next.


Thank Lin DaKanga for their extensive work in facilitating admin in the creation of stories in other languages.

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Oh La Profe !
Thank YOU for being an influential and important member of our community.

Thank you also for this fantastic post of yours : https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35714164


I'm glad you saw it. I mentioned you there, too. :) Happy New Year Lin!


I want Japanese for sure, and Russian and Ukranian.


I discovered an error in the new French story "In the forest (part 2)" today. I don't know if it is still there.

Dog is translated to French as "dog" in the last exercise where you have to match words.


I had a similar experience with one of the stories but I didn't note it down. I thought it was perhaps a temporary bug or something. In the last matching exercise there were two sets of phrases to match but both sets were in English as in your example. I redid the story and this error was not repeated.


Awesome job! :D It'd be nice to see stories for Japanese and Italian very soon too seing that they also are used by millions of users everyday and are very popular on the app. No sweat though, I'm sure those things will be added in the future


YAS DO JAPANESE YASSS i am otaku!!!!!!!!anime4life


Wow! Seems exciting. I hope stories come in other languages too. I'd love to see some Welsh stories.


YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! And I like your user name.

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For those calling for stories in other target languages (language being learned), you might like to be inspired by the work by - Overview of Duolingo Dutch Stories

For those calling for stories in other source languages (language you know), you might like to check out :
[LTS INDEX] Spanische Geschichten für Deutschsprachige Spanish stories for German speakers (using English as a bridging language)

I know these are work arounds for now. However they are ways that we all could also consider embellishing the resources that are available.
And perhaps, especially as the work is proof checked also by us as a global community, it may be that it could provide an easier development path that could make these resources available sooner, in the Duolingo interface. No guarantees there of course, and this is just IMO. Also, this sort of interface will allow stories to be available for even source minority languages, ones that may take Duolingo a long time before the interface for minority languages may be made available.

Please ask me questions if you want more information on this. I do encourage people to comment and create additional resources around each of these stories.

In particular, to suggest additional activities you could do around the stories that would greatly enhance your learning by using them. Not just activities that can be done alone by one person. Especially to share ideas of things that could be done with groups of people. Such as with your friends, to play games. That could be used in Event/Host situations, and in classroom type settings.

Activities, for example, that help you understand the grammar, and also engage you in more than just reading and listening. Especially when you act things out, and create additional experiences and create extensions of stories to the ones presented. Such as imagine telling to someone else what happened in the story. Or what might the next scene be. Or change the story, so that something different happens.

I know we have so many brilliant and creative people in this community. And hope we may take on this challenge, and that we as a community also encourage others to develop additional and relevant ideas that assist with language learning.


I still really want stories in Italian. I do the French and Spanish stories, and am very happy to have new one! But my current goal is Italian.


Wonderful! I have been looking forward to this for a while!

I'll start them now! :)


wow, you're learning a lot of languages!


I see many more Spanish stories now--thank you, Duo!


How about some stories in Italian - surely can't be that difficult as the stories are just translated from one language to another - why is Italian being neglected.


not just italian, it's also every other language that doesn't have stories that's being neglected


This completely MADE MY DAY! Thanks and Merry Christmas to all at Duolingo!


and happy hanukkah!


We need arabic stories

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Id be grateful if you would add stories for one of the best courses on this platform(NORWEGIAN)


It occurs to me that having some poetry in amongst the stories would be fun. You could draw on the work of famous poets from whatever language. For stories you could draw on aesop's fables, they are always a good source of material.


Yay!! I love this update! :D

I can't wait until I can start on the French stories, especially since they added new ones!


"Dibujando en el parque" Something isn't right about this story or is it me? She never told him she liked him and she was drawing a picture of his dog not him. Miso confused. But thank you Duo for the new stories :-)


No, the "twist" is that he thinks she's drawing him and says he likes her, but it turns out she just think his dog is cute.


I just read it again...I love twists and turns! I still didn't get it lol. I need to reset my mind! Going to read it over and over until it comes to me. Gracias!


Oh ok..."he thought" I skimmed over that...got it! Muchos gracias :-)


another thought, how about letting students submit stories or poems?


Thanks to Duolingo I begin to hate Spanish now because it feels like Spanish is their favorite child while Italian (and Japanese) are unwanted. Please give Italian some love too. So many people are waiting for Italian stories and there are so many in French and Spanish already. Maby Duo could use their own "hovering technique" too for workng on their stories..


I feel the same thing about Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. I think they just don't care if the language is not popular enough.


Gracias, encuentro que muchas son graciosas aunque se han vuelto un tanto predecibles.


Duolingo!!! Italian learners need stories too, for God sake!!!! Give us a Christmas gift in this way:(


Yes, why aren't there any in Italian?


It looks like a story was removed somewhere? I ask because I'd completed all through to set 13 or so, and new ones have been inserted for sets 3-5, but one new one has been added into set 6 as a 2-parter. so for that to work, one must have been removed. can anyone figure out/remember which one it was?


In Spanish it's "Fine Arts". Don't know about French.


Wooo HOOOOO! I've been waiting for more French stories for at least a year now! I felt I was starving... I ripped right through the new ones, and I'm done already. When do we get more?


The stories are so much more fun than the regular lessons, aren't they? And I feel like I learn even more from them. I want Duolingo to expand into mostly stories, with the lessons just for reference.


Variety is always good, but yeah the stories are really fun! I dunno why they've only got them in 4 languages after all these years.


Love the new stories. It seemed that they went from easy to hard very quickly. This makes the transition easier. Keep putting out more stories.


There is already a lot of stories for those learning Spanish, what about making some stories in other languages, such as for those learning Chinese? One of the major inequalities in Duolinguo is that it has always been more focused towards Western languages (even if they're only spoken by small populations), while largely ignoring Eastern languages (which are comparatively much more useful). I remember when Chinese was published, Klingon and High Valyrian came out around the same time, which implies that Duolingo values one of the most useful languages in the world as much as it does two fake languages.

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Hey there :wave:

By the sounds of it you would be interested in reading and listening to this post: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34237577
Especially :
(Re)Connect: Heritage Languages and the Internet Noah Buffini Higgs | NoahHiggs


I would like so much chinese stories too! And I would happy to help with italian stories, if needed.


This is great news, I've already started them. They are a little on the easy side, but still help me develop my listening skills.

I just hope we finally get some Italian and Polish stories soon.


What about German?


Who writes the stories and can members submit stories?


That sounds great, but why can't you guys just surprise us with stories in other languages?(Japanese,Chinese,Italian...etc.). No offense, and I'm not saying that you guys aren't working on it, but I'm simply suggesting. Your awesome stories would be great to read in other languages, y'know? : )


Wow, this is great news! Before the new stories came out, (I might be the only one that feels this way, but I doubt it) there were some very easy Spanish stories and then some far more advanced stories. These new ones fill in that gap perfectly!


Perfect Christmas timing!! Thank you so very much. We are really enjoying them at our house.


Thank you, Duo!!! I love them already!


Could you try making some for Russian maybe?


Вот немного русской прозы: https://www.proza.ru/avtor/89211490807 и https://rvb.ru --- C рождеством!


I just started doing the new Spanish stories and they are so much fun. Just finished the new Set 3 and after 9 months of studying Spanish only here on Duolingo I can proudly say that I understood 100 % of these new stores (I know they must be the easiest level but still) and I didn't have to hover over words at all. Very enjoyable! Keep it up Duo!


I love the concept of stories bringing the language to life. But having completed the highest level exercises, I feel like there should be some way for advanced learners to skip over the first few sets of stories. It's tedious doing the easy stories just to get to something more challenging.


It's especially tedious powering through the easy stories to get to the harder ones if you're learning multiple languages as the stories are all identical in every language.


Thanks, I like the new french ones about love and missing people being as I'm a bit of an old softy :-)


well, that good the new actualizacion of duolingo for spanish,english,chinese,portuguese that amazing and happy holidays for everyone friends... I'm really happy thanks you duolingo for much stuff thanks also for teaching me to speak english


I hope we can have stories in Russian and Chinese one day


I don’t know if my opinion is shared among others but I am wondering whether there can be a functionality allowing you to skip a story in a set and continue onto the next set of stories.

I know this is for the sake of learning but I found a story I could not plow through (the one based on Edgar Allan Poe). There is nothing that is going to motivate me to finish this story series. It creeps the living daylights out of me. Consequently, I can’t move onto the other stories. So it’s been a long time now that I haven’t done the stories because I am not willing to read this one.

Do you know if there is something in the works for this? I’m not holding out much hope but I figured I’d write about it just in case.


Get through it! It's good!


Lol Maybe so but I just can’t. Brains and the human psyche are funny things. Just like there are certain movies I could never watch, I know that I can’t get any further that I’ve already gotten into that story. For personal reasons. I’m just wondering if that means I have to give up the rest of the stories or if there is something else I can do.


ask a friend to do that one for you?


Here are a few suggestions, in case they might help.

Try filing a bug report. Even if Duolingo doesn't implement a change, maybe the support staff can still open the next level manually for you.

I wonder if someone provides you with a direct link to the next set of stories, if that would unlock them for you. I don't know which language you're working in, but here are links to the next story in set 9 and the first story in set 10 (first two parts of the same 3-part story) for Spanish: https://stories.duolingo.com/lessons/es-campistas-felices-parte-1-adaptation-a2 https://stories.duolingo.com/lessons/es-campistas-felices-parte-2-de-3-copy%20for%20A2+EN

Do you have a friend who would be willing to go through the story for you?

Could you just go through the story without actually reading it? Mute the volume so you don't have to listen to it either. And just put in wrong answers to the different questions.


And while it might not work for everyone, I go back and re-listen to the stories even after having done them. I've worked through all the French stories (still working on the new ones, though), and I go back and listen as much as possible, usually with my eyes closed, to see how much I can comprehend just using my ears. It's a bit tricky, as you do have to look for multiple choice and fill-in questions, but I find it helps with my listening comprehension. I've also noticed an improvement in comprehension when utilizing other, non-Duo teaching aids, such as listening to French radio/TV (Youtube is wonderful for the latter, I use Radio Canada for the former, as my primary speaking interest is in Québec). Hope this is helpful.


ChristopheQc - Yes, I, too listen to the stories over again. Especially if there is some new vocabulary that I had not encountered before. For example, I was very well aware of "voler/un voleur" (to steal/a thief) in French, but I learned "cambrioler/un cambrioleur/cambriolage" (to burglarize/a burglar/burglary) from the story. Another new verb I learned from that same story was - "eparpiller/s'eparpiller", (to scatter). Also was reminded of the word, "tiroir", (drawer), and the phrase, "sens dessus dessous", (a mess).


I also listen to the stories with my eyes closed because my reading comprehension is much better than my listening.

Have you tried the podcasts?


Do you have a friend who can come over and help you through it? It is a little creepy, just as I remember reading it in sixth grade. It is worth finishing it, since there are some fun stories to follow.

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wow ! These are good conversations to have.
I do not have the answer.
Thank you for having these conversations.


Chinese stories, pls


Why can I not get Duo on my laptop when it is available on my phone, subscription?


I am able to get Duo on all sorts of laptops, 2 Macs and a Win10. What is the Error message you are getting?


Nicee, thank you!




So excited! woot woot!


I love this. Also a esperar!


Thank you so much for the update! I never knew that until now. I can't wait to check out the new stories!


Merci beaucoup Duolingo pour les nouvelles histoires! :) Je pense que c'est fantastique! :) Can't wait to see what you come up with next in the new year!! :) Keep up the GREAT work! :)


We need Swedish Stories.


I really like the stories, I think it should be equally focused on as the "LEARN" section. <3 :)


There are also stories in Portuguese for English speakers.


Was so happy to discover this. Since completing my Spanish tree months ago, I have been working the stories...Multiple times. Spending time repeating the sentences while thinking of their meaning (without translating). Proving to be a great tool. Glad there are more!


Thank you so much dear duolingo! But please be responsible for german too!)


This is an amazing feature. Well done for producing it and making it possible. I think this will give your company a new edge. We acquire language even better through stories. They add context and add to our experiences. I love these stories they are fun and interesting. I am very excited now about my language learning adventures. Thank you.


This is wonderful news. Some of the stories were too difficult for me, and I had to stop because the vocabulary hadn't been taught yet in the tree. Maybe Duo could re-name the Sets to align with the Tree somehow.

Has anyone come up with a crosswalk of the Tree to the Story Set collections ?


They have been putting the simpler stories in the earlier sets, probably for just that reason. I'm glad, because although the new Spanish stories are a little too simple for me, the new French stories are just what I need.
Now if we could only get some Italian stories.


Yes, I would like some Italian stories! Need some Italian native speakers for that to happen


If you finish your course about halfway you ought to be ready for the stories.


I have just tried a few and they are great! Particularly the spanish group 3-5, fills a much needed gap in how the difficulty ramps up quickly


Liking the new stories!


Super! The new french stories helped to bridge the difficulty gap between previous sets! Thanks :)


I have completed all the stories in all the languages except for a few new English stories from Portuguese. I think the stories are an excellent source to practice listening in all languages. Of the the English stories from Spanish and Portuguese don't help me too much, but I completed them anyway just to see what they contain. I think it is a good idea to go through the entire collection of the stories multiple times in order to practice listening and to build confidence in speaking during conversations. I am usually going through entire set of stories from top to bottom in order while keeping track of my progress. Although the stories are more or less the same in the various languages, they do contain slight variations in the narrative and also in the questions. And the stories on the web are not exact copies of the stories on the android platform.


More German stories, please. The stories are very helpful.


Sorry if this has already been asked, but is there a way to submit ideas/written stories to add to the collection?


I'm finding stories a great way to enhance my learning, to see practical applications of the words that I'm learning along the way. Love it!


You all put out some amazing content and it's well worth a subscription. Thanks for all you do to help us learn a language and broaden our horizons!


can someone give me tips on the best way to actually comprehend what i try to learn on here? i complete lessons but i have a hard time using the language (Spanish) and speaking it. Any tips or advice? Thanks!


I read Spanish news articles on line. You usually have a photo (or knowledge of major news) from other sources to help you read through. I also like having it written down because you can piece together the familiar words, to get the gist of what is being said even without knowing every word. I've recently started trying to watch shows in spanish, they speak too fast, I've had to put spanish subtitles on too to be in with any chance of following. One day, we'll get there! :)


We need new German stories!


Just finished all 16 sets! When can we expect more stories? This is my favorite way to practice french!


mine too, also good job


Finally, the update has arrived I knew duo would do that one day. Thank duo. You are the best. And thanks for letting us know!


Update for the app? Or a specific language course?


This is great news!!


Really good update!


thanks so much...these stories help a lot to remember my conjugation


Duolingo these stories that were added and the ones that already had have a big problem, I'm learning English in the middle of Duolingo, but I use it also translated to Portuguese and I can't understand anything because the translation is done so wrong, all spelled abnormally and even in disorder, please tidy up!


The Portuguese on Duolingo is not European but Brazilian.

They should be making that distinction


Same with Spanish. Duolingo not only doesn't specify that it's Latin American Spanish, but they also use a misleading flag. Spanish learners could easily be led to believe that they're learning European Spanish.

It's the case also with Chinese (it should specify Mandarin), Arabic (presumably it's Standard Arabic), Latin (is it Classical or Ecclesiastical?), and even English (it should specify that what's being taught is American English).


True that it’s more Latin American Spanish than European!

The Portuguese is also Brazilian Portuguese.

I wanted to Learn Portuguese for my European Portuguese students, who are elderly & have little English. They told me it was Brazilian Portuguese I was speaking.

They could still understand it though.


About Arabic, not sure, but I do know that most formal writing, abc journalism in the Arab world including TV, is Egyptian Arabic.

It’s the standard like Castilian Spanish is the standard for Spanish


They do, the flag is of Brazil.


Thank you!!! Stories are now available on mobile too; very nice uwu


Thanks! I love stories. They are a good example of the language being a bit more functional than the individual exercises, and of course the little twist at the end is always fun.


How about a Chistmas skill in Spanish?


That would be pretty cool! Nice idea!


thank you, thank you thank you.. love the stories!


Awesome, I love the stories.


Thank you so much. These are awesome news. I love the stories so much. Recently I said to myself that I could give the French stories a try. It's a wonderful feeling when you understand more than you thought.

It would be amazing of stories would be available for Dutch and Swedish too :)


Thanks so much for doing these! This is a great addition to Duolingo, and feels more practical the modules alone. Great job!


Awesome! I love the stories! Thanks for making learning fun and thought-provoking :)


YES! I love the Stories :) It helps me put more everyday conversation together.


Create new stories in German, too!


Yeah I love reading stories eases my finger from all the typing cramps!


We need Klingon stories!


The stories are actually really interesting. Not only can you have fun and guess the outcome of the story, you actually get to learn with it. Please add more languages too!!


This is very good! But it would be really nice to have some stories in Chinese. :)


I'll be so sad when the new stories are all done. Please make more soon! I'm conserving the ones I have left, because you can only do them for the first time once.


Can we get Dutch stories next?


Could you add more to Portuguese?


YES, Portuguese so far has had almost all the same stories as Spanish. I would love to see these new stories done in Portuguese.


some stories in Polish and Hawaiian as well please!!! I understand that polish and Hawaiian are uncommon languages, especially Hawaiian. However, if Duolingo wishes to promote endangered languages such Hawaiian, all aspect of the language must be offered to learners.


This is amazing! A great supplement to the languages currently supported by this. I began with some French stories and found them to be refreshingly different but still well integrated into the rest of the Duolingo, such as word lookups and the way it asks questions. Look forward to more of these in the future! ^-^


I love the new stories!! I believe they help me move forward more than the exercises. I close my eyes while the narrative happens. I totally appreciate the lessons, and understand the rote learning in any genre, but the new format of the stories truly engages me.


the story series are really great!!!love it but i wonder when will the shop updates... I have too much lingos but nothing to buy


I love this feature. The stories really help me put aside the grammar and see how the language is used. That has been my biggest challenge.


Yay! I am very excited about these new stories! I really like the stories, they give you a real application for the language you are learning and some good practice!


Haha, I left myself on a cliffhanger and all the new Spanish stories dropped. I'm through half of the 3 sets of stories I need to do in order to figure out what happens in Chapter 2 part 2. But, all told I really enjoy the new stories.


Need English story for French


PLEEEASE ADD STORIES IN DUTCH for english speakers!!! they are so nice... also, extra content also in duch, pleease :c


Yes please, more stories I get through them rapidly, I love them and think I learn from them more than I do in the lessons.


PLEASE GIVE US JAPANESE AND DUTCH STORIES ( dutch is really underrated so..)


These are easy to understand and present new vocabulary with each one. I go back and repeat lessons to become proficient. I can not wait to see if it will come to Italian. Grazie mille!!!!


I like very much of the Duolingo stories.


I love the stories as an interactive lesson. One thing I'd like to see more of on Duolingo, in general, is pronunciation exercises. Having to make the correct response in a story would make it even more interactive. This could add a whole new dimension to the stories with differing responses resulting in a different storyline or ending.


And along with this update a whole bunch of new lessons in French that can't be completed on the app at all.


Chinese stories please!


I would LOVE new stories for German and Portuguese (and maybe English for French and German speakers?)


Is it possible that we might have some Hindi stories in future?

जय सिया रैम




Are there any plans to have stories in other languages?


Really enjoying them!



How do the story sets map to CEFR levels? Would you please implement a way to validate/skip story sets that are too basic? I have some level of Spanish and would love to enjoy the more advanced stories without having to waste time on elementary Spanish. Thank you.


we need stories in all languages. I feel sorry for people who don't have the stories they are really useful :(


I'd love some Japanese stories! I've heard Stories have been a really fun way to learn for people.


Can you update the app and not allow users to continuously repeat stories for xp?


Maybe a cap? Like only 3 times a day, if someone is actually trying to learn


Please make new Portuguese stories too, I am at the end and would love to get new once, and I am sure I not the only one :D Thanks


hola como están? les gustaría practicar el español? yo no se mucho de Ingles ni Irlandes pero quiero aprender


I am wondering - will there be some harder stories in French? I don't mean words, I learn words reading books/articles... here I mean accents and fast speaking that are specific for French? I finished all stories in French and they were too easy for me. Will there be some stories to make us used to real French? With common speaking shortcuts (like saying je suis as shwi, or "je ne sais pas" as "shepa" as the most common examples).

I do stories this way: I listen without looking, then I check if I understood well. This is very important in french, as french is en extremely easy language to learn (if you know english and german, then it's even easier), however it is very hard to understand by ear. For this reason 95% of learning french is listening to real French...

F.e. it would be cool to have a series with french speakers with african origin, because their accent is very different. Marseille speaks differently, in paris they speak differently... Basically there are hundreds of accents in France, I don't expect to learn Ch'ti but it would be a good listening practice to have some excercises with the most commonly used accents and speaking styles.

Please consider doing this kind of thing in french Duolingo. It might be useless for me (I am already quite good in understanding those accents after hours of listening to them...) but it would be precious for people whose french is not that advanced. I remember how hard it was for me to watch movies in French when I was starting - honestly, it was the only hard thing in French!


Duo, will you be doing any more French podcasts?


i like that idea, new stories. i think that sounds fun. i learn french, so this could be fun


if you could donate Lingots that would be so helpful


more stories means more xp


Duolingo is not working. This update might've messed something up. To help, I am using UK servers and when I go onto Duolingo learn it shows a blank interface, nothing there. It is possibly something wrong with the code to retrieve data from Duolingo servers.


Hi Duo, I was wondering if there was some way of allowing the user to say the phrase more than once to correct yourself just like it does on the mobile app. Is this possible or have I missed something? Thanks, you are restoring my love and confidence in learning languages again!


Great!, thak you so much


Whoa! That's a great news indeed! Thank you so much :-) By the way it would be of immense help to have similar stories in Italian, Russian and Greek!


will stories for turkish be coming anytime soon?


I like the stories, but there is one mistake in one of them, I have screen shot it but don’t know how to upload the screenshot. Also the stories are the same in different languages, which makes it easy to predict one if you’ve done it in another language, making a test of memory (in one’s own language, or the previous studied language) rather than of the language being learnt in the story! - constructive criticism I hope!


it's so fan thanks


Looking good, I was expecting this to happen for a while now.


would it be possible to do stories in japanese as well, maybe like momotaro, or the classic folklore?


Wow! This is really great as I find that the stories often improve my understanding of the language while also having hilarious, mysterious and exciting plots! I'm a big fan of Duolingo stories and can't wait to read the new ones! Thanks so much!!! Duolingo is THE BEST website ever!!! :-)


I understand and I am thrilled that you are adding stories. But why are you taking other stories away?


The stories are great. Thanks!


Is there a plan to release stories for more languages? People have been waiting for years!

  • 349

Stories have not been released for a very long time yet.
I recall it as being late in 2018.
Yet I am very happy is someone can correct me.

I know a bit over a year can be a long long time in many or lives, yet in new product development , and with all the other changes that Duolingo is striving for, this is not a long time.


This is great, but now I have to catch up to where I was before the new stories


A couple of days ago I posted that I had seen new stories which then disappeared. It is reported to Duolingo HOWEVER it would appear it is not a full set of new/additional stories but replacements for some existing ones? I have worked over 20 sets of stories previously but noted the “new ones” started from set 3 or 4 but then revert back to the original stories on my list after a couple of sets. Now I am even more confused?


Love the stories, please keep them coming. And of course it goes without saying, please add more languages.


Already using it! Duolingo makes learning a language so fun!


Thanks for the new stories in Spanish! But could we please have stories in Norwegian? I really need those!

[deactivated user]

    Je veux qu'il y'a des raccontes hebréux lorsque je finnisse mon arbre! Ces't a dire autour de 3 ou quatre mois. Merci beacoup pour çe qui peut l'écrîre!


    Please add Czech to the Stories. I tested English - German and it is amazing!! Really love it! The Date Story is so funny because you would never expect the story line :D


    I am really enjoying these stories. It is a great way to practice my Spanish. I am learning new words. The plots are usually quite funny and engaging. Thanks Duolingo for a fun new way to learn!


    Will Duolingo ever add Irish stories and listening exercises? Would also love to spend my lingots on bonus irish lessons like in French.


    they are perfect thank you !


    I like the stories in French, but there seems to be a bug. I've completed all the stories in Set 1, but the first two - which I have now done 3 times - never show as completed. This prevents me from moving on to Set 2. Please fix this!


    Stories are great additions! Can't wait for stories to be added to other languages. I have my issues with Duolingo, but this is a very accessible learning tool overall! Great work.


    I love the stories. I often find these are a better way to learn. It's exciting to go back a a month or so after you have read them for the first time and see how easy it is to understand a storey that you at first found very difficult.


    Thank you duo, very cool.


    Have read stories very quickly when can I expect more?


    Loving the new French stories as there were not enough easier ones and I had to stop for a while.

    Any chance for Japanese stories to roll out anytime soon?


    Would like to see the story titles in Spanish again, since we are learning Spanish:)


    What about some Scandinavian stories?


    I would be very happy if you add Mongolian, one day.


    Hello Duo. When will you get stories for Italian?


    Korean Stories most definitely, please.


    I thank all involved with the writing of these new stories. I love to read, and to be able to read something in a new language I find to be a gift.


    Love the stories. Can't wait for the Chinese and Norwegian stories! :D


    a very nice update these stories!!!!


    I'd like to see stories in chinese as well


    Wow! That is great news!


    Every time i complete a lesson, i don't seem to be receiving the points. This prevents me from completing my streaks. I've tried multiple times, it does not work. Is this only happening to me?


    sometimes it happen also when i do some lessons its very strange yes.


    Tunahitaji hadithi Kiswahili, tafadhali!


    I'm halfway through the new Spanish stories. Thanks


    Stories in Italian...? Too difficult ...


    Thanks!I finished and enjoyed them!


    Thanks! This is exciting, can't wait to try it!


    I enjoyed the thrilling stories about Zorflag.


    Great stuff! Tried out the french stories. Russian would also be awesome. For me it feels much more natural learning this way! greetings


    Turkish stories pls!


    Kunnen we alsjeblieft Nederlandse verhalen hebben?


    Will there be Romanian stories sometime please? :-)


    Hola Amigos! Just started learning Spanish. I am enjoying so much! :D


    Ich bin ein terrible kid


    Stories are a great feature. Please make them available in the iPad.


    love those stories


    Where are English stories for German speakers? The course for English from German looks like a time travel back 2 years, compared to the courses from English...


    I agree with the comments. Add Italian stories!!!


    We need Norwegian stories!


    Fantastic. I finished all of the Spanish stories. So I can finish the other stories from my other languages that I'm learning.


    wish there was japanese stories even if just for beginning lessons.


    Swedish stories please!


    I love the stories except the longer ones.




    We need Swedish stories


    Can you please add Japanese stories, i would really like to test out my skills on actual senarios


    I think you all in Duolingo should work on making stories for other languages such as Chinese, Italian, and Russian. I love the new stories though!


    thanks you sooo much this is very cool im learning spanish and the stories are cool!


    Thanks, Duo, but I have already completed all of the new stories in French - they were at an easy level. And, I have nearly completed all of the French stories. We need many more. (I am also breezing through the Spanish stories.) I find the stories very helpful and a fun way to learn and review/refresh my language skills. But, WE NEED MORE. Merci bien!!!


    I agree that we def need Italian stories.


    I like the stories very much. Thank you so much Duolingo Team! However, always better also to name a point for improvement. First, I think the functionalities embedded can be it more. Secondly, I am still waiting for stories in Chinese. Again thanks Duolingo Team, superb done this project. Impressive. Best, teouwen


    Can anyone tell me why can't i continue the stories? Iam blocked before level 6. It does not offer me or let me start new story.


    I really like the stories and have realized that redoing them helps reinforce vocab and grammar better than just doing them once. besides the nice XP boost, is there another way to point people toward doing the same stories more than once?


    thanks for the new stories


    WOOOOOOOOW!!! I can't wait to start on a new story and review the new ones too.


    The stories are very good and fun


    I totally love the stories, they are really fun and helpful! I wish in there future there will be some stories for Japanese as well!


    would love to have stories in russian :)


    Hebrew stories please? בבקשה?


    it would really help if a story more to a useful conversations (french)


    Russian stories would be awesome!!!! :) Thanks Duo


    Yay! More more more!


    thanx for these, they are marvellous) (spanish for eng speakers)


    Finally! There should be new stories coming out regularly. That’s one of the best parts and should always be available. Thanks!


    I can not go further than the 5th level. Is there any reason why Duo diesn't allow me to continue? Please if someone can answer me....


    I love the French stories.


    I am really excited for the new stories but is it possible that those who are doing japanese can also have practice stories


    great i love the stories they are very helpful


    Love the new stories!

    I’ve done all of them already!


    The stories are great. I was getting bored with the same old sessions.


    Yo no hablo mucho Español


    My gosh, I can't wait for chinese stories! I hope you can work on them too.


    Great Duo...keep it coming!!!


    Can you guys please bring stories to Russian? Love this app so far.


    I'd love alot of stories in all languages.I TOTALLY LOVE STORIES!!!!!! ME LIKE VERRRRRRY MUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love the new improvements its made my gaming experience better


    Can You Please stop keeping adding stories for Spanish, and add to other languages like Japanese??


    Please esperanto stories


    Stories are indeed and enjoyable way of learning new words and grammar rules


    Thanks everyone:)


    Duolingo just recently changed the "Stories" so that you hear the audio but can no longer see the writing. That has been very bad for my learning--I was doing quite well hearing the voice and putting it together with the writing. I know I can tap on the field to get the writing up, but by that time the voice has been spoken, and I have to have the message repeated. I lose all sense of continuity in the conversation. Is there any way of going back to the old way of hearing and seeing writing simultaneously?


    maybe chinese stories? I want to learn how to speak with my cousins.


    Chinese stories would be great too!


    great update!!! thank you


    Maybe make them more interactive...


    Thank you for adding new stories! I'd come to the end of reading the Spanish stories and was thrilled to find new ones. Too bad I'm down to only 6 more Spanish stories which I'll be done reading by the end of this week. I can't wait for more Spanish stories to be added. I absolutely adore them. My friends have also enjoyed a chuckle when I've shared these stories with them.


    yay the stories are my fav's


    will there be stories in Japanese?


    I have done a few stories in German and it's a very nice level to learn new words after a few lessons. I have seen that they are the same stories in French and Spanish, but that would then be too easy for me. I'm looking forward to stories in Japanese.


    True, i am doing japanese and still i am being patient for it.


    why isn't there japanese stories?


    your not very helpful adding hearts duo


    wonderful! thank you Duo.


    Sono d'accordo. Abbiamo bisogno delle storie italiane.


    This is awesome! Will there be German stories soon?


    Like the stories a lot, thank you so much!


    When we gonna get stories in other languages? Polish? Russian? Do you even care?


    Thanks for the new stories. Can't wait for Korean and Japanese.


    uhh me spak spainish


    Good! I need stories 4 mobile though cuz I use mobile a LOOOOTTTT


    Love how engaging and subtly funny the stories are on the French course, thank you Duolingo!


    Still waiting for the Italian ones. I have almost finished all my German stories. They are quite adorable sometimes, but does anyone have an idea of how the scoring for the stories really works? I get most of them correct and solve them in the same time and yet my points varry.


    I hope to get Korean stories soon!


    Thank you helpful Duo!


    Have some of the stories moved place? I'm working through in order (on Spanish) and I've just got to a chunk of stories I've already done, like they've moved down! Has this happened to anyone else? Obviously not a problem, just curious.


    "Español es muy interesante!"

    Loving the Spanish course so much. :D


    Priya, what do you think of the Hindi course? हिन्दी


    Haven't tried that course here Rani. Hindi is my native language! :)


    I cannot thank you enough for these stories. They will take guide me as I make my way into native Francophone media. Merci beaucoup ! Keep them please


    Russian Stories first!, then do Italian ;)


    I literally did them as soon as they came out, I love the stories, but I hope that there are more stories in Italian. Are there any for Swahili?


    This is amazing, but is it possible to get Russian stories?? Or Swedish??? For English speakers, I mean


    I just tried out the stories. Glad I did, they are fun and very helpful!


    Hey guys fellow me! If you like Legos


    lovely! can't wait to read them


    SO... MANY... COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Spanish is my first language and I want to learn more English. after that, I will start with German and French.


    I love the Spanish stories and it's a nice way to get used to reading and understanding the language. I would prefer to be asked to write down the Spanish I hear instead of tapping word buttons, though. Also, it would be nice to be able to get each set collected into PDFs anytime you finish them if you'd just like to read them in your head.


    I really love the stories in French, they are hilarious.


    When/will we be getting Italian stories??


    Italian is a language, full of art culture and humor;
    Please, provide Italian Stories...

    I'm already using Spanish and French stories, and I find it useful. Please add more 'events and questions' So that it can be more useful and interesting... Team Duolingo you are doing very good work.


    The new stories are all a great addition. Lots of new materials. Well done.


    Could we get some spicy, new Japanese stories at some point?


    Do you plan on include chinese or japanese Stories? please!



    Can there be Chinese stories pls?


    When will Farsi be added


    Hi! Just a suggestion duolingo, maybe add some new stories in Japanese or Chinese.


    As a native speaker, I can help with the spoken part of Italian stories. In exchange I would like chinese stories please :-)


    Not sure where else to comment this, but I have a question about the Spanish story "Need Help" in set 2. Is "problema" a feminine or masculine noun in Spanish? I thought it was feminine because of the -a ending, but in "Need Help" "un" is used with it.


    "problema" is a masculine noun both in Spanish and Italian, even if it ends with an "a"


    Where are the new stories?

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