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Difficult to understand audio clips.

I don't like to be a "whiner" because I'm not a paid "Plus" subscriber, but I find some of the audio clips to be very difficult to understand. I don't think it's actually a problem with the person speaking, I think it's the quality of the recording.

December 20, 2019



Yes I have found this as I am hard of hearing so use earphones, a few of the female voices are difficult to understand. One lady voice in particular sounds like it was recorded at the opposite end of the room to where she was speaking. I do find eventually my ears 'tune into' the voice and I can decipher it better. I did have this problem with the Latin course as well but the Welsh one is very clear. It is a pity that not all courses have the 'tortoise' option to slow down the speech. I hate to complain though as this is a very good course!


The tortoise is only available for TTS voices, not the real people recorded for the Gaelic and Latin courses. I find the female voices to be slightly harder to understand as well though, probably because they are somewhat higher pitched.


Thanks that explains a lot!


Hey, any specific areas? Will need something more specific to be able to look at it.


I've noticed this often in the c!ips with the older female speaker. I'll start flagging them.

Edit: I went back and did a practice round and every clip with this speaker had poor audio. I flagged a couple of them but I hit the Continue button too fast on most of them.


What do you mean by "specific areas"? I can't really retake the course, but hopefully I can find the some of the "bad" audio clips by retaking the practice sessions (I need the practice anyway). Obviously, I'm no expert on Scottish Gaelic pronunciation, but it just sounded like a "low quality" recording, not a problem with the person speaking. The volume was low and "scratchy", like A.M. radio vs. high-definition audio.


I mean was it in specific areas of the course, as we are all using different setups.


I think I've found what you're asking. Before the first checkpoint, in the 5th unit called "Pers.Det." with the sentences : Cò às a tha thu a charaid ? and Chan eil e à Aimearaga . the audio is not available in the sentence discussions but I suppose you can find them ;)


I think he means which audio clips? Like which audio clips have a problem with the quality of the recording?


I know of no way for me to go back and retake a lesson. I can press "practice", but I can't retake a lesson. There should be some sort of quality control for the audio clips. Again, obviously I don't know enough about Scottish Gaelic to critique the pronunciation or the accent, but the recording is low quality audio. I wish I would have wrote down which lessons I had problems with, but I didn't.


Another moderator said earlier that no changes could be made without having to change to software. Are you able to make changes?

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