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Bi-lingual owl announcements please.

I am very excited to have reached a new Level in my new language, I rush out to tell my family, and I want to tell them in the new language. I'm glad I haven't worked hard on the numbers yet at Level 6, but if the window that congratulated me did it in both my new language and my native language I would be able to make a guess about how to celebrate what I'd just achieved. In general I'd like the owl to talk to me in both languages at once: when it reminds me I haven't done any Duolingo in a day, and when it tells me I'm doing well.

Also, I'd like "owl" as one of the first animals' names I learn because it is always there, supporting me through my language-learning journey.

Thank you for all the many many things you get so very right!


April 27, 2013



This is a good idea. You might also want to look at the chrome extension "Language immersion for Chrome"


Thank you sir, I didn't know that app and seems really useful =)


It's so incredible how much this app has helped me... It's just opened so many doors!


I really like this idea! I would love for the congrats message as well as other parts of the interface to begin changing as I become more adept at my new language.


I would like bilingual announcements as well.


I love how you all want Duolingo to be the killer app that does everything. Maybe in the future, but everything has a price little fellows.

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