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  5. "kēlā kaʻa kauō oʻu"

"kēlā kaʻa kauō oʻu"

Translation:that (far) tractor of mine

December 20, 2019



I think "far" and "far away" are different concepts. It's relative, like the tractor that's further from the other tractor, or further than the barn, but not "far away" like at the next farm.


How would you say "that tractor of mine far away? That's what i said, but it was counted as wrong for this sentence


Your sentence should be counted as correct as "kēlā" implies (far away).


I’m not sure about that. as I understand it, kēlā is not so much “far away” as it is “unconnected with the person you’re talking to.” See as contrast



I thought kēlā and kēnā use was to do with how far away the listener was??


Mary, no it has to do with the object. And it’s not so much absolute distance as it is the relationship between the hat and the listener. I look at it this way:

Pointing to an object (say a hat) in the distance: kēlā is my hat on the top shelf

Referring to a hat your friend is wearing: I love kēnā hat!

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