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  5. "Tha mi gu math cuideachd."

"Tha mi gu math cuideachd."

Translation:I am also good.

December 20, 2019



Wouldn't "I am also well" be preferable?


I agree. Surely "Tha mi math" means "I am good", and "Tha mi gu math" means "I am well".


Still have problems : what's the difference between "I'm good" and "I'm well" - the first one meaning "It's OK by me" ("I don't need anymore - you can have it") or does it mean "I'm a GOOD person" (a NICE person) ... and the second one meaning "I am fine / I am well / I'm OK" - do I unstand this (English) problem correctly ... "tha mi duilich - tha mi à Bavaria" ;)


As far as I am concerned, the correct English translation of "Tha mi gu math cuideachd" should be "I am also well" or "I am well too". I can't imagine why the course creators have chosen to use good instead; it just causes confusion.


Yes you are right. I was so absorbed discussing what math might mean that I failed to notice it said gu math not math. I have altered my answer.


I am good meaning 'It's OK by me' is a very modern colloquialism in English that has not (as far as I know) ever been used in Gaelic.

I think the important thing is not to worry too much about what math would mean as it doesn't say that. As 1e7nx0WG suggests, the translation as good is simply wrong.


What is the 'gu' here? Would Tha mi math cuideachd also be okay?


Gu makes an adjective into an adverb, so gu math means 'well'. Why we say

Tha mi gu math
I am well

in both languages is not obvious. We don't say I am badly or I am finely. Actually in Gaelic you do say

Chan eil mi gu dona
I am not bad

so in fact the Gaelic is is some ways more consistent.


No it wouldn't.

It basically shows that the "math" is a feeling.


Would then "Tha mi math" mean something more like "I am good (at something)"?


"Tha mi math" can be used as you suggest, for example "Tha mi math air seinn" - "I am good at singing." In this expression, whereas in English we'd use the preposition at, Gaelic uses air.


Would the adjective overlap that much between the two languages?


Shouldn’t this translate as “ I am also well”?


Yes. Was the answer "I am also well" rejected? If so, I hope you reported it as "My answer should be accepted".

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