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"Mike, is your grandmother a professor?"

Translation:يا مايْك هَل جَدَّتَك أُسْتاذة؟

December 20, 2019



I forgot to put يا in front of مايْك and I got it right, but with the above sentence as "another correct solution". We've normally seen the name at the end of a sentence and I always include يا before the name. Is يا optional when the name is at the beginning of a sentence, or did I really get it wrong and DuoLingo was being kind to me?


Im still learning here like you, but it seems like يا is mandatory in fusha. So i guess you got lucky!


Scott-OK, jeremy77208:

In fuSa, we can omit the "yaa" يا to show our closeness spatially and psychologically. There is an example in Quranic verse also. Allaah said, ("يوسف أعرض عن هذا")



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