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  5. "Ask your classmates."

"Ask your classmates."

Translation:E nīnau i kou hoa papa.

December 20, 2019



there needs to be consistency or at least both "kou" and "nā" should be accepted, not one OR the other, seemingly randomly. For some entries it only accepts "kou", for others with the exact same format in only accepts "nā". I don't think they're supporting this language very well...


How do we decide whether "your" is kou or ka? It seems to be arbitrary, as both are used in this lesson. I've not been able to figure out the criterion as yet. Is there one?


What made this "kou" ?


"Your" classmates. "Kou" is "your" for Class O objects.


But WHY "O" class? It's a classmate. Not a family member. Not something/someone we're born into. Perhaps one of the creators can give us an answer.


Not sure it's something we "choose." Like a sibling, they are there. Not by choice. Although you may choose to be hoa with some of them.


Yes, but there's a familial connection. We don't choose any of our blood relatives, but they are "yours" by birthright. There's a birth connection. A blood connection. In some cases, a heritage connection. A classmate? No. Not so much.


hoa papa means class friend

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