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"In Deutschland ist die Tradition jung."

Translation:The tradition is young in Germany.

July 2, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Should also be "The tradition is new in Germany". Rarely would "young" be used in this context.


    I think you are right in general, but now that you mention: with "tradition" I've heard the word "young" used fairly often. Google search seems to find a lot of articles using the expression too.


    I agree. In English, living things are old and young; inanimate things are old and new.


    It's not just English. The 5 different languages which I happen to know, they all have two different words for young creatures and new things and they all use one single word for old creatures or things. It's actually strange that languages don't differenciate the old living creatures and the old lifeless items. It looks like in the past times the old creatures were considered as things and not living any more or the old things were considered to become alive with their own soul.


    "new" was accepted :) I just could not type "young tradition" and was ready to lose a heart at the first test.


    "Recent" was accepted as well.


    Why can't I say "The tradition in Germany is young"?


    I do not understand why is "ist DIE Tradition jung" and no "ist EINE Tradition jung" if the sentence in english is "it's A young tradition", someone can help me?


    I think it's because If it was "eine", it would translate as "A tradition is new in Germany". The "die" is needed to make the sentence more specific. Then again, I'm not a native speaker so if anyone else could verify that.


    Yes you're absolutely correct.


    how would one fraise this as a question instead of a statement?


    "In Deutschland ist die Tradition jung?" mit einer Erhebung der Stimme auf dem letzten Wort. Oder "Ist die Tradition jung in Deutschland?"


    I wrote: "In Germany, tradition is young. Marked incorrect. Why?


    Jung wurde in dem Zusammenhang früher eher selten genutzt. Ich habe es in 65 Jahren noch nie getan. Bei mir würde es heißen "Die Tradition ist in Deutschland" relativ neu"", denn ganz neu wäre sie, wenn sie ein paar Wochen vielleicht alt wäre.

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