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  5. "Cha robh mi sgìth a-raoir."

"Cha robh mi sgìth a-raoir."

Translation:I was not tired last night.

December 21, 2019



An-raoir, parallelling an-dè and an-diugh used to be correct. Is there a reason? Is it the new custom?


"A-raoir" is the form found in the GOC (Gaelic Orthographic Conventions) "Word list", but "an-raoir" is mentioned as an optional form in Colin Mark's dictionary, as the preferred form in the online Faclair Beag, it is the form used by BBC Radio nan Gàidheal &c. I don't know whether both spellings are accepted by Duolingo, but I'm sure they should be. (I don't know but I guess the GOC drew parallel with "a-rithist" or "a-riamh", given that the /n/ is mute.)


Is "Oidhche an-dè" a valid alternative to "a-raoir", in line with "Madainn an-dè" and "Feasgar an-dè"?


I doubt it. All the Google hits I got were apparently by non-native speakers (or worse, Google Translate). After all, why would you use four syllables when your languages offers you using just two? ;-)


Would you say 'yesterday night' in English?


Oidhche an-dè is not used but, importantly, it would be understood and basically language is about communication as we all know!

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