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  5. "E haku mele kāua."

"E haku mele kāua."

Translation:Let's write music.

December 21, 2019



why not - let's compose a song


That's what I answered and it was accepted ;)


I said, "Let's write a song." Haku mele is to compose a song or chant. My answer is correct, more so than "Let's write music." Music is mele or pila ho'okani E haku mele kaua is Let's you and I (write/compose) a song or chant.


I'm with you except for " Music is mele ". Mele is text/words. Puolo is music.

[Māmaka Kaiao(Hwn to Eng)] puolo kik Music. Comb. pū + olo; also Māori puoro. See mea hoʻokani pila. Kūkulu puolo. Music arranger; to arrange music. Mea puolo. Musician, general term.


"Let's write a song" was not accepted. Is that not correct?


"Let's write a song", "Let's compose a song", and "Let's compose music" (reported 2020-08-07)


Maybe I don't know something, but mele means a song, not music. Music can be called mele as vocals, but instrumental music is pila hoʻokani. I found it on wehewehe.org.


Not ten minutes ago I got ke mele, and I translated it as the music, which was rejected. DL told me it was the song. Now I translate mele as a song, but DL rejects that and tells me it's music. Is this just one of DL's quirks or am I missing something?

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