"Sacerdos ad templum ire solet."

Translation:The priest usually goes to the temple.

December 21, 2019

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with macron, Sacerdōs ad templum īre solet.


What is wrong with 'The priest goes usually to the temple'?


That phrase gives an idea that when the priest goes, it is usually to the temple, but less often elsewhere (perhaps the forum.) This is not at all what the Latin means: it means that the priest has a custom of going to the temple periodically.

In other words, in your phrase, the "usually" is modifying the expression "to the temple" rather than the "goes" of the model answer.


I think the model answer "usually goes" is equally ambiguous in that case and is not at all different from "goes usually" in English. Both answers should be allowed or you could replace with something like habitually or "is accustomed to" if that is closer to the Latin. Flagging.

For example, you could have: "The priest usually goes to the temple [rather than the synagogue]" or "The priest goes usually to the temple [rather than the synagogue]" (the "usually" could go just about anywhere in the given sentence and I don't see any difference in meaning).

Maybe a better translation is to use an English construction that parallels "solet" say "is accustomed to" or "makes it a habit to".

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