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"I am never going to give you up."

Translation:not qalon.

December 21, 2019



"not qalon jIH. not qaquvHa'." rIQ aStlhay


Is there a better verb for let [someone] down?


There are probably a few ways to say something, and I think one of the ways to express something close to disappointing someone is to use {belHa'moH} "to displease"). But there are very few ways to say it in a way that can be sung to the tune. Just gave it yet another go, which might be a bit closer to the goal.

not qabupqang 'e' vIHech
reH qabelmoH 'e' vIHech
not qamaghqang 'e' vIHech 'ej not qachoS
not qaSaQmoH 'e' vIHech
not SoHvaD jIjatlh jImej
not qanepqang 'ej ghIq qa'oy'qu'moH

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