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  5. "There is snow in Russia."

"There is snow in Russia."

Translation:Tha sneachd anns an Ruis.

December 21, 2019



Haven't seen any tips and notes about it yet, but does anyone know when you use "anns" rather than "an/am"?


It’s been explained in every discussion about ann an ;-).

anns always before the definite article (anns a’, anns an, and anns na = ‘in the’).


Ollie, lots of countries already have an a' or an preceding them as part of their name, so instead of "ann an an [name]" you write "anns an [name]".

  • ann an Alba - for "in Alba" because Scotland is just "Alba" in Gaelic.

  • anns an Spàinn - for "in Spain" because Spain is "an Spàinn" in Gaelic.


's e sneachd a th' ann anns an ruis not good?


I am confused about 'ann' when both there and in come in the same expression, as here. In the hints 'There is' is 'tha ann' but 'in Russia' is 'anns an Ruis'. Why is it not ann anns an Ruis, or ann an Ruis, for example?

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The dropdown has ann. The wordbank has anns. Can you please figure out which it should be, and make it the same for both?

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