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Typo issue in Countries, Lesson 4

Hi there! I just wanted to report a typo/bug in Lesson 4 of the Countries skill. We're asked to translate, "It is too cold", and "Bha i ro fhuar" is the correct translation apparently:

Unfortunately that isn't the correct tense. "Bha i ro fhuar" means "It was too cold" for anyone who doesn't know. I was wondering if it would it be possible to correct this, or can it only be done once the 2nd iteration of the Scottish Gaelic is released? Tapadh leat! :-)

December 21, 2019



Hey, I've just checked this in the incubator and the sentences are correct in there. Not sure what has happened here. Could be a bug, or a misreading. Was it yourself that came across it?


I think it's an incubator bug, because I've just checked and it did say 'Bha'. It also said "unsaved edit" above the sentence. I've seen this happen before but I'm not sure why.


Looks like it's fixed now and says "Tha i ro fhuar". Tapadh leibh! :-)


I can't remember exactly. I'd have to go back and check. I'll keep you updated next time I come across it. Thanks for checking though! :-)

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