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  5. "a pig and a girl"

"a pig and a girl"

Translation:muc agus caileag

December 21, 2019



Why do some of these sentences not start with a capital letter? Is it done purpose or just a typo?


Sometimes if it doesn't really form a proper sentence capitals aren't used. There are some inconsistencies but as they do little harm they are quite down the priority list. :)


They should at least give it to you even if your spelling is little off and just indicate watch your spelling....


It only does that with wrong accents.


Who decides what is a misspell and whats an incorrect word?


Is agus a gender specific word? I heard pronounced differently in a previous one


In a different comment section, someone said it was just a different dialect, and that it could be said either way.


When to use Tha and when not to?


Someone said in a different comment section that Tha is only used with names of people.


Use "Tha" to begin an actual sentence like "Tha Calum mòr.". It tells you something about Calum. Most of the phrases in this section are just two words connected by "agus". They are not sentences, just a two-item list so no verb like "tha" is needed.


I've just begun this course and am keen to imitate accurately the pronunciation. But in some exercises you can do this only by removing the word from the sentence which you are constructing, then replacing it. In some cases, you can't have the audio repeated at all. So only two minutes into the course I'm beginning to think I'm wasting my time. A "language" course which revolves around reading and writing (with speech secondary) is not one I want to follow.


I would love to see some 'sounds like' queues. Although I do enjoy all the different accents, if I had just one to start out with, you know? Usually I just ask here in comments or Google. Takes extra time but I'm pretty dedicated to this.


I was given "a pig and a girl" to construct in a sentence using some listed words. I clicked "muc" "agus" "caileag" and it marked it correct, but then when I hold my pointer over "agus", it shows that it means "is", not "and"... So by that logic, the sentence means "a pig is a girl" ?? I only just started this, quite literally less than 3 minutes ago, so, I'm already curious how it could be "off".


I cant write at this Language

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