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  5. "I am going out again."

"I am going out again."

Translation:Tha mi a' dol a-mach a-rithist.

December 21, 2019



I really like this sentence. That is all. :D


Why do most of the words in this sentence stat with "a"?


By coincidence, those are etymologically different as.

  • a’ in a’ dol comes from ag (at), from Old Irish oc (at),
  • a- in a-mach comes from i (in) + magh (plain, level country), from Old Irish immach, ammachi + acc. of mag ‘into a plain, into outside’, similarly a-muigh (outside) from immaig, ammaigi + maig (dat. of mag) ‘in a plain, outside’; the same in a-steach ‘into inside’, from i + taigh (house), from Old Irish istechisin (in the, comp. Sc. anns an) + acc. of tech ‘into the house’ and a-staigh (inside) from istaigisind (in the) + taig (dat. of tech) ‘in the house’,
  • a- in a-rithist comes from a (his, its), from Old Irish a-ḟrithissi from a (his, its) + frithissi (return back) ‘his/its return’.


Duo said I had a typo because its word tiles did not have an apostrophe on any of the a tiles.


Typo but not sure it was wrong

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