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  5. "Chan eil falt ruadh ort."

"Chan eil falt ruadh ort."

Translation:You do not have red hair.

December 21, 2019



I thought 'red' was 'dhearg' or something


dearg is the red of blood or saturated red paint, ruadh is the red of copper, rust, red hair and fox’s fur¹. Those are two distinct colours for which English doesn’t have separate words.

I’d recommend you to just learn that red of hair or animal fur is ruadh, but generally red is dearg.

¹ fox is even called madadh-ruadh, literally red (haired) dog, in Gaelic (or sionnach, which is an alternative word for fox)


We still have ruddy, but it's mostly limited to describe a reddish complexion.


Probably related to ruadh when you get right down to it. Also see «gu leòr» and "galore" ;)


Copper, used as a colour, or "copper-coloured" as a phrase. Applies to hair, fur, etc. Rust / rust-coloured also works, but not usually referring to hair colour. Ginger, of course, is the obvious one.


I believe ''ruadh'' is the origin of the boy's name ''Roy'' as in ''Rob Roy'' Equivalent colour might be described in English as russet.

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