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"A bheil thu ceart gu leòr? Tha."

Translation:Are you ok? Yes.

December 21, 2019



A multiple choice question, both yes and no are there, but only yes (tha) is correct. Why is chan eil incorrect?


Are you confusing "chan eil" with "nach eil"? That's the only option I can see in the incubator.


I didn't think so, but if I did misread it that would explain why it was marked wrong!


Oops, sorry. I didn't notice the "yes"


You can delete your mistaken comment.


On another Gaelic learning app, 'S e is given as ''yes''. I noted it was an option here. I tried just to see if it was accepted as an alternative. It is not. I was told before that there is no actual word for ''yes'' in Gaelic.


There is no "yes" or "no", so what you are doing is echoing the main verb in the question, or rather the equivalent form of the verb for a statement as opposed to a question (tha, not bheil). It's a possible way of answering a question in English too: Are you OK? I am.

"'S e" could be the right way to say "Yes" in a different context, but not here - it's a different verb.


I'm not seeing anything to indicate which answer is expected.

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