"What do you like?"

Translation:Cosa Le piace?

April 27, 2013

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is this using the formal register? Because I haven't learnt that on Duolingo yet...


Yes, Le is formal you as indirect object.


So Le means you? Also does Le have to be capitalized?


Actually, like in other Romance languages, there is a word for "formal you". It is used when talking to an older stranger or someone you respect. In Italian, the word for formal you is Lei (not to be confused with lei, which means "she" as you already know). When writing it, you always capitalize it. I'm not sure how to tell the difference when speaking because I am not a native speaker. I also think, when you conjugate a verb for Lei, it is the same as lei or lui (at least that's how you do it in Spanish). Hope I could help!


What is wrong with "Cosa te piace?"


"Te" is (normally) the non-clitic (stressed) pronoun, but "piacere" is intransitive and requires an indirect object, so it would be "A te cosa piace?" or "Cosa ti piace?".


What is wrong with le piace cosa?

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