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  5. "A bheil i dorcha a-nis?"

"A bheil i dorcha a-nis?"

Translation:Is it dark now?

December 21, 2019



I understand that an-drasda is more temporary than a-nis, so an-drasda would mean "just now" or "at the moment" compared to a-nis meaning a longer "now", like darkness overnight. . . hope that makes sense :)


Whats the problem with 'Is it dark just now?'


"just now" would be "an-drasta" I don't know if there is really much difference on the Gaelic side but in English there is a slight difference between "now" and "just now". "Now" implies this very moment, while "just now" usually implies that something just happened. Think of it as the difference between, "A bird flew by just now" and "a bird is flying by now." If anyone can explain the difference on the Gaelic side, I'd appreciate it.


It's EXACTLY the opposite : "JUST NOW" implies this-very-moment, and NOW is implying that something is happening "around now" - your examples are good though : "A bird flew by just now" implies this-very-moment (an-dràsda) and "a bird is flying by now" means that is happenening "around now" (a-nis) ... but for the GAELIC difference - we will have to wait for a MOD - tapadh leat !


is there a bug? The voices say a-nis, and I can see thats what's written here on the discussion board, but the phrase in the question is written: "A is i dark a-start?"

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