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comente aqui qualquer coisa e ganhe 25 LINGOTES (obs: tempo de espera ate de 3 horas para receber )

December 22, 2019

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bora pessoal a oferta e de so 2 dias !!!!


The essay that is written bellow, was the best essay of Minds School in one contest :


Bargain is an art. It's worth bargain and we can save a lot of money. At the beginning we have some shame, but little by little, we notice the money that we saved, we start losing the shame, we got more confidence and finally we learn how to use efficiently this "art". There are more points of view about bargain that we will discuss a little. Not common bargains that occur in stores and streets fair. Every time people bargain: 1) In a war, when the fight ends up, there will be agreements, a lot of bargaining. 2) Parents and children all the time they are bargaining. Parents say: "If you study and pass the exam you will travel to Florida". Children say : "If we do the dishes can we go to the beach? " 3 ) Prosecutors and defendadts make agreements called plea bargain, plea deal or plea agreement . It is an agreement between the prosecutor and defendant . When the defendant gives informations to the prosecutor about the crime or someone else involved, he / she can receive in return a lenient sentence. These kind the agreement is common in the USA, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Poland. In Brazil, nowadays, this kind of procedure becomes common as well. Everyday we hear and watch on the news that there are "delação premiada" (the same of Plea Bargain) in the "Operation Car Wash". Now I (Marcos ) want to share you my experience . I learn how to bargain with my mother. First she tought me that monthly I needed to save money and live only with 90% of my salary. She said: "When you need to buy something, check the prices, go to the store with money and ask for discount, even with the manager". I followed her hints. I will write, at least, one case that occured with me ( I have several like that ): In 2012, when I bought a new car for my wife, I had got the money to pay in cash. So, I took a paper, made a list with about 15 Dealerships of Cars. That day I worked and bargained a lot, for more than four hours. At the end I bought it with a very good promotion and others accessories and I could save more than R$ 2.000,00.
As we wrote above, bargain is an art; a powerful art that if well used, can save a lot of money.


também aceito de bom grado


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