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  5. "Mai poina i kāu haʻawina."

"Mai poina i kāu haʻawina."

Translation:Don't forget your homework.

December 22, 2019



Is the usage of "mai" in this context applicable to other negative commands? Or is it just an expression.

For example, could you say "Don't eat" by saying "Mai ʻai"?


yes, you can say that. "Mai" is a negative command


That is one of a few meanings of mai. For example “mai e ‘ai” means ‘come and eat’; whereas “mai ‘ai ‘one” means ‘don’t eat’. For more on this and other meanings see https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe/?q=mai

I will now see if I can find out why they have mai as don’t and why they don’t just stay with ‘a’ohe — or variants ‘a’oe, ‘a’ole.

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