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"A bheil i grianach no sgòthach?"

Translation:Is it sunny or cloudy?

December 22, 2019



After repeatedly listening to this audio I still cannot identify all the components of the sentence. There are options to play a slowed version of the audio on some DL courses. Is this an option in train for the Scottish Gaelic course? It would be a great help. Thank you for all the efforts by the volunteers. I'm really enjoying the course.


anyone willing to break this down?

  • A – interrogative particle, used to start questions (kinda like English do in do you like…?), it requires a dependent form of the verb,
  • bheil – dependent form of bi; the independent form is tha, which means tha appears on its own, but bheil or eil (when it’s lenited) appear after particles requiring dependent form (like a bheil? or chan eil, nach eil?) – is,
  • i – the feminine personal pronoun, referring to weather which is feminine in Gaelic – she,
  • grianach – adjective, sunny,
  • no – conjunction, or,
  • sgòthach – adjective, cloudy

so literally: is she (ie. the weather) sunny or cloudy?


Grianach is cloudy sgothach i put in this phrase the correct answer and its not accepting the right answer


Can anyone please explain why it goes "Is it sunny or cloudy" instead of "Is it sunny or is it cloudy?" Tapadh leibh!


Sometimes i write a bheil i and i get it wrong there's no i . Then in instances like this i leave it out and get it wrong again .

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