Eun and Iain

I am not hearing the difference between Eun and Iain when asked to choose at the beginning of a unit. I thought it was just a female voice, but I am having a problem with the male voice as well. Are the two words that close or am I just "mishearing"? Not really having any difficulty with any other words or speakers. It's just getting words from earlier lessons to stay in my brain ... and you can't help with that one!

December 22, 2019


They are quite close but there is a difference. Iain has an extra sort of "yuh" sound towards the end. Sorry that's probably not a great explanation, it's a little hard to describe with words but hopefully enough to get you started.

Thanks. I think I'm going to have to just go by the context.

Hey, the main difference is with the “n”. It’s hard to describe though. In practice context will probably mean you never confuse them!

Yes thanks. I need to sharpen up, though. It has taken several units of "pets" for me to realise it's highly unlikely to be Iain that's needed for the first answer.

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