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  5. "I have two windows."

"I have two windows."

Translation:Tha dà uinneag agam.

December 22, 2019



Why is it not "dà uinneagan"?


Plurals only start with the number three and up :)


What determines whether you lenite 'dà'?
Is it vowels?


Vowels don't lenite. So dà asal but dà chù.


From wikitionary, Dhà -Used when free-standing (counting, telling a row of numerals etc.), otherwise dà is used.

Fòn a h-aon, a h-aon, a dhà! ― Phone one-one-two!

Tha dà chàr aige. ― He has two cars.**

Tha a dhà aice cuideachd. ― She has two as well.

**Also, from Leargaelic: It is important to notice that, following dà (the unlenited form of dhà, 2), fichead (20), ceud (100) and mìle (1000), a qualified noun is always in its singular form. 


Why sometimes is agam sometimes is agad??? The same with orm and ort. And why Tha sometimes is I and sometimes is You ??? It's all confusing!!


Tha is just tha, what makes it you or me is the agam/agad, or orm/ort part.

Agam - is at me Agad -is at you Orm -is on me Ort -is on you

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Just don't give up- it's a wonderful language, it just takes practice.

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