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"Sub pavimento aqua rapide fluit."

Translation:Under the floor water flows rapidly.

December 22, 2019

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Rapidē rapidly, hurriedly • RapidusRapiō snatch, grab, carry off, abduct, Rape

Rapāx grasping, greedy of Plunder, Rapacious • From Rapiō (I grab) +‎ -āx (inclined to) • Rapacious Voracious; avaricious, given to taking by force or plundering; aggressively greedy, subsisting off live prey

Pillage From Old French Pillage, from Piller (Plunder), from an unattested meaning of Late Latin piliō, probably a figurative use of Latin Pilō (I remove (hair)), from pilus (hair) • Pilāris of hair • Depilatory

Ransack From Middle English ransaken, from Old Norse Rannsaka from Rann (house) + saka (search, investigate, damage, scathe, harm); probably influenced by Sack

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