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Cairteal gu dhà -versus- a bheil e dà uair dheug

In a practice quiz I had these two phrases. I'm wondering why "dhà" is used in one and "dà" is used in the other.

Does this also mean you would say "cairteal gu dhà uair dheug" and "a bheil e dà uair"?

Where does the lenition come from on dà? Would "leth uair an dèidh" ( or "cairteal an dèidh") be followed by dà or dhà?

December 22, 2019



two itself loves to lenite other words, but it seems like if there is nothing for it to lenite then it lenites itself. so ''there are two'' would be ''tha dhà ann'' but there are two dogs would be ''tha dà chù ann'' for your question, the answer would be ''leth uair an dèidh dhà''


Mòran taing! I'll have to think about that for a while to get it straight in my head!


Hey! Handily enough I have just finished writing the course notes for this skill that explain the difference. I'm not sure if they will have appeared at the user end yet, but it normally doesn't take long. :)

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