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  5. "Tha mi glè bheag."

"Tha mi glè bheag."

Translation:I am very small.

December 22, 2019



This is the first time I have seen "beag" with an h; what is the difference?


the math /mhath depend on the gender - math is male, mhath is female. With caraid / charaid it is because you are talking to the person (adding h). I don't now why bheag, it also could be the gender thing.


Here it's because words following "glè" lenite, i.e. they change their sound and add an "h" after the first letter if they begin with b, c, d, f, g, m, p, s (but not sg, sm, sp or st) or t, and change their sound but not spelling if they begin with l, n or r. Words beginning with vowels stay the same.


It seems that the pronunciation is softened after certain words/letters - so "beag" begins with a "b" sound and "bh" has more of a "v" sound. I noticed the same earlier with "math" becoming "mhath" and "caraid" becoming "charaid"

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