I see that Duolingo has Stories for some small selection of languages. Once the learning material is all finished and we're out of beta (big thanks to the team), does anyone know if they'll be working towards getting stories in gaelic? :)

December 22, 2019


Hi, I really have no clue. We are now out of Beta (woop) and the focus currently is on adding notes and fixing any anomalies before adding new content. I’m not sure if is only the languages that Duo creates “in house” that have them. Hopefully they will be more common in future!

S’e obair glè mhòr a th’ann

Should know months ago Duolingo promise stories for more languages. They actually did post stories for a few languages but since then no new languages have seen stories.

Scottish Gaelic not going to be high on Duolingo's priority list.

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