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  5. "An toil leat a' phìob-mhòr?"

"An toil leat a' phìob-mhòr?"

Translation:Do you like the Highland bagpipes?

December 22, 2019



So should the original English translators have translated as Big Pipes and not bagpipes? Could the Scottish pronounciation of big be mistaken for bag?


I don't think so, there are a number of types of bagpipes of which the Highland Bagpipes are perhaps the best known. I think the term "mhòr" was used in order to differentiate them from other musical pipes (in that area) - a somewhat larger instrument with greater volume than, say, the Uilleann pipes.


I have heard them refereed to as "great pipes" which would account for the mhor.


Great Pipes IS correct though they are popularly known as Highland Pipes as well.


... and should certainly not be marked wrong

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