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  5. "Ciamar a tha thu a charaid?"

"Ciamar a tha thu a charaid?"

Translation:How are you, friend?

December 22, 2019



"my friend" is a much more natural english translation of 'a charaid.' we'd say 'my friend' in the cases we'd use the vocative in Gaelic.


'Friend' is 'caraid' in the nominative and 'a charaid' in the vocative. 'My friend' is 'mo charaid' literally translated. English doesn't have a vocative case which is why 'a charaid' could be translated into English as 'my friend', but we need to make the difference between the possessive mo charaid and the vocative a charaid clear to learners.


Ought there not be a comma before "a charaid"?

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