Thank you for introducing the line of accents under the phrases. It helps to learn them from the start of the course.

December 22, 2019


On the computer keyboard, one can access accent marks by the alt commands.

alt133 = à

alt138 = è
alt141 = ì
alt149 = ò and
alt151 = ù

It took me a while but it's worth learning.

Hi Jim, Just wanted to explain that I tried all suggestions here for getting the accents on my keyboard and eventually called for expert help to set up the keys, so am now able to get accents both ways (acute and grav) using alt and control+ alt, instead of having to insert symbols to word, then paste into the exercises. Sadly, when typing answers into the Duolingo exercises, that still did not work. I set off just not using the accents, but have found it relatively easy to relearn them now that the accented letters are available. Thank you again Duolingo.

I just tried your alt133 etc solution in a word doc and it took me to the documents file for saving. I think my keyboard must be from a different planet. I wanted to thank you, however, as I have a disability in my hands which makes even the stop/start use of the accented letter blocks a little tricky and anything is worth a try. I hope others find your solution helpful and am grateful that you took the time and trouble. Here's a Lingot thingie from me.

I have a fairly cheap American keyboard and have had no problem so far, but someone was mentioning above that the alt key was kicking them out to another program around the 10th level exercises. I'm not that far yet, and am really hoping that it continues to work. I'm really sorry it didn't work for you, though. Thanks much for the lingot!

You are welcome :) Thanks to you too.

You shouldn't need to use the Control key. If you have an European/UK keyboard, in the computer settings set it for either Irish, Gaelic, or French. Then use RIGHT ALT plus the vowel for the acute accent and shift + Right Alt for the capital vowel(holding them down at same time).

But in Gaelic you only need the GRAVE accent and I get that by tapping (not holding down) the key left of the number 1, and then the vowel. Shift + that key for the capital vowel. It acts like a dead key on a typewriter.

Having now come to the need for Capital Letters with accent marks, I've managed to make the complete list:

Accent letters à = alt133 À = alt0192 è = alt138 È = alt0200 ì = alt141 Ì = alt0204 ò = alt149 Ò = alt0210 ù = alt151 Ù = alt0217

I hope this helps anyone who, like me, can't quite figure out the other methods.

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