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Completed all catagories in Hindi and got Chalice.

I've managed to reach the end of catogories by only completing the first level in each catogory.

Most of this I have bumbled and bluffed my way through.

I'm still not at the stage where I can understand any Hindi movie or the news in Hindi.

I'm not sure if Duolingo is teaching me by the best method. (It's easy to cheat)

I intend to continue working through the higher levels in each catagory.

I feel that after this I may find myself in the same predicament.

I feel that Duolingo should not have allowed me to progress this far without really understanding what I am doing.

Has anyone managed to understand Hindi by Duolingo alone or is Duolingo just a stepping stone?


December 22, 2019



Congratulations. But no course on Duo is enough to understand movies or the news. The Hindi course is also very short. If you want to learn more Hindi, do the English from Hindi tree. And level up. And disable the wordbank and type the answers yourself. This way you retain much more. If you really want to learn a language well enough to be able to understand the news, read books or understand movies you need to do much more than just this course on Duo. Find other resources, on the internet f.i. find Hindi movies with subtitles. That's what I am doing.

I took English in high school, but I did not learn to fully understand English because of those classes, but because I watched BBC programs, listen to songs and read a ton of English literature. I reckon it is the same with every language. The course is only a starting point.


Thanks for your prompt reply Darius. I suppose I was expecting too much from Duolingo. As for " type the answers yourself" I am learning on a smartphone through "Opera" browser and don't yet know how to get the Hindi keyboard (I get the "type in English" or "Type in Hindi" prompt). I will "level up" on all catgories and find some movies with subtitles. I feel I have a long way to go although I can successfully exchange pleasantries with Hindi speakers at work.(hello, how are you, goodbye etc.)

Thank you again for your input and feel free to respond further.



So you have people to practice with! I know some people who probably speak Hindi but they are from Surinam. My neighbour - who lived in Surinam for years - told me they speak a specific dialect and that Surinam-Hindi is not at all like 'Hindi-Hindi'. I would't know. Next time I see my friends I'll ask them.


It was learning a few Hindi words at work (eg. "It's time to eat") which started me off learning Hindi. Kenny.


Update:- I'm persevering by working my way through the higher levels. I am closing my eyes and listening then trying to imagine the written Hindi word and its meaning (and the order of the wording). (or hiding the wordbank from bottom half of the screen with my hand and also guessing the Hindi pronunciation). I still feel that Duolingo could have opted for a different method of teaching me. Kenny.

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