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"Judy has a very pretty Arabic house."

Translation:عِنْد جودي بَيْت عَرَبِيّ جَميل جِدّاً.

December 22, 2019



Why in Arabic does the word for "has" come before "Judy"? Are there other examples of verbs that go in that order? Sorry I am new to Arabic. Am I correct in assuming the typical word order for Arabic action verbs is that the verb goes after the noun who performs the action?


The answer is that the verb only comes before the subject in WRITTEN arabic. In spoken arabic it is just like in english and most western languages. Subject-verb-object.

In SPOKEN arabic in the middle east you would say "Judy 3inda bayt 3arabi jamil jiddan"


You can use لدى instead which means the same as عند but goes after the noun instead. Some dialects also utter عند after the noun, but the system in MSA is that عند comes first.

Example of لدى جودي لديها بيت عربي جميل جدا


That assumption is partly right. Sentences may be verbal where usually precedes subject and predicate or it may be ism ( either a noun, adjective,...) followed by a predicate. Arabic sentence word order is flexible. Hope I answered the question.

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