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  5. "Tha Ùna ann am baile."

"Tha Ùna ann am baile."

Translation:Una is in a town.

December 22, 2019



Una is in town sounds more logical to me.


That kind of sentence would technically be "Una is in the town" where in English we'd usually elide the "the"; I haven't come across the lessons where this is covered yet but I do know it follows a different structure. None of the location sentences in this lesson use definite articles, so only refer to the places in general rather than a specific example of them.


I tried "Una is in town" and it shows as a correct solution.


I tried exactly that, and got it wrong!


Why? It's not teaching a phrase, it's teaching how to say "x is in a y" where y starts with the letter B. If you know how to say "in a town" then you can say "in a bank" or "in a shop".


Hmm, my use of 'village' was marked wrong, which surprised me as I'd always thought that you could use 'baile' for anything from a hamlet to a town, and this is the definition in faclair.com. If 'village' for 'baile' is wrong, which word would Duolingo Gàidhlig elves use for village?


I put "city" which was marked wrong -- doubtless correctly.


Tha Ùna ann am baile agus dèanaibh aire a bhalaich!


My spell check keeps changing Una to Ian. Caught the culprit this time!

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