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Why can't you remove some words from practice?

So when you go to vocabulary, some words you can practice, and some you can select "remove from practice" but it appears most of them you can't.

For instance, I would love to never again have to worry about who/what/when or why someone has a deep abiding love for das Brot. There was a period of time I felt the same way about the various love people apparently felt for die Erdbeere, but I haven't been bludgeoned with it recently.

Thoughts? I'd really rather have it choosing words that I mitsucken at instead so I can get better at them. :)

July 31, 2012



Nothing on this yet? I have no need for Erdbeere in my vocab either!


Agreed! Geschmack is my personal bete noir. Yes, it now known to me thank-you, but nothing about context of course, and I don't need to see it again...at all.

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