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  5. "Write neatly."

"Write neatly."

Translation:E kākau maiau.

December 22, 2019


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How come "do it neatly" has to be "e maiau i ka hana" but "write it neatly" isn't "e maiau i ke kākau"?


This isn't "write it." It's "write." "Do it" has the "it" that has to be included. So pretty literally, "(command) neatly the work/activity- or - neatly the doing." This sentence by contrast is "Write neatly" not "Neatly the writing." Do you see the difference?

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Mahalo! That's very helpful :)


I agree with your comparison except that the DL key doesn't include the 'ami "i". If one is correct then they both should be correct. They both fit this pattern: E- adjective - subject.

As you said, Duolingo already accept both of these for Do it neatly. E maiau ka hana. E hana maiau.

But the DL key doesn't have the same symmetry for Write (it) neatly. E maiau ke kakau. = Be neat in writing.
E kakau maiau. = Write neatly. (also could be Write it neatly.)

Different ways to say the same thing.


Would be better to say "E kākau me ka maiau."


This is actually a different command than the prompt.


Gentle reminder, the point of translation isn't to match the original sentence's structure, it's to convey the same meaning using the structure of the target language.


Are there any guidelines for when that construction should be used, or which words it should be used with?

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