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"The football game is on what day of the week?"

Translation:Aia ka pāʻani pōpeku ma ka Pōʻahia?

December 22, 2019

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I wrote "Aia ka pāʻani pōpeku ʻo ka Pōʻahia?"

I got it wrong, it should have been "ma" not "ʻo".

But instead of telling me I got it wrong, duolingo tells me I got it right but had a typo, and this is the supposedly-correct sentence it shows: "Aia ka pāʻani pōpeku mo ka Pōʻahia?"

So, it thinks I mistakenly mistyped one character, ʻ instead of m, in the word "mo". But there is no word "mo" in this sentence. This seems like there is incorrect data in the course and it would think "mo" is correct.

Is that what is going on, and if so, who can fix it?

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