"a toy"

Translation:kekahi mea pāʻani

December 22, 2019



I don't understand why you the translation is "kekahi mea pā'ani" -- for "a toy". Please explain!


Kekahi means MANY things: a, some, one, few, other, another, a certain; besides, too, also, including, moreover, likewise, someone, anyone, companion, fellow worker, spouse. It would be helpful to have full sentences instead of just phrases to work with.


Didn't accept "he" instead of kekahi...seems like, at least given to how the course has introduced "he" as the primary indefinite article, that should be accepted (despite the fact that kekahi is the focus of the lesson).


As I understand it, "he" includes the "to be" concept we use in English. This fragment is simply "a toy." "He" would add "is" - the fragment would be "is a toy." I got messed up on this too. I have the word bubbles. I knew it needed something, was looking for "ka" which wasn't offered. Didn't see kekahi as an option. I think they do this to get our attention regarding the many uses of a word!


Seems that way to Me as well


Why is "he" not acceptable? The hints seem to indicate that it would be


He would make it "it is a toy." This is a fragment of a sentence - a toy. Kekahi is flexible as an indefinite article - "a" "another". Can you see it as a contraction of "ke" and "'akahi"? - so literally, "the one (thing)" or "a one (thing)". It's like the "a, an, another" in English. Mau makes it plural "some, some others".

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