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"They play together every Monday."

Translation:Bidh iad a' cluiche còmhla ri chèile a h-uile Diluain.

December 22, 2019



Is this the longest sentence in the course? :-)


I think there's one later that goes, "They play together every Monday, as long as the weather allows and there's not much on TV". But I could be wrong... :) :)


FAO the admin: If the only option to choose is 'a' then there's no possible way we could've gotten 'a'' (it's not marked incorrect but it is underlined in the answer as something to improve on)!


I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Can you explain a bit further?


Sorry, I put the key letters in angled brackets and they were read as code and disappeared!

If you select the bubble words to answer the question, you get a little spelling-error underline under a' because you chose the bubble a


Oh, this is a bug. Duolingo staff know about it though, and they are working on it. Sadly, we can't do anything about it at the moment :(


I had "Bidh iad a' cluich còmhla gach Diluain" marked wrong, and then "Bidh iad a' cluich còmhla ri gach Diluain" marked correct. Is that as it should be? It looks the wrong way round to me.

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