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  5. "a' chlach dhearg"

"a' chlach dhearg"

Translation:the red stone

December 23, 2019



Why a' chlach and not an chlach?


Just cannot understand the first part - dhearg - yes got it nonproblem but ' a' clach- sounds like ' nock lach' tried listening over and over again, checked my notes could not find any words that sounded or looked like what i was hearing. Maybe i just need to skip these spoken ones that arent clear. Or has anyone got any siggestions on how to slow it down or break it up so I can understand whats being said?? A bit frustrating when no way to clarify " nock lach" !!


The options give "a chlach" in this question(the red stone) but requires "a' chlach" in "the long stone" question which is inconsistent and confusing.


That's an issue on Duolingo's end. Punctuation doesn't appear in those exercises. I believe they are working on it, but there's nothing we can do about it for the time being.

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