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  5. "I prefer Scottish food."

"I prefer Scottish food."

Translation:Is fheàrr leam biadh Albannach.

December 23, 2019



Here's my attempt at writing a couple of sentences from this lesson and making it into a paragraph! Hope you enjoy :-)

  • 'S e teòclaid a th' ann. Is fheàrr leam biadh Sìonach. Tha iad a' dèanamh biadh Sìonach. Is fheàrr leam biadh Albannach. Tha mi a' dèanamh biadh Albannach

  • It is chocolate. I prefer Chinese food. They are making Chinese food. I prefer Scottish food. I am making Scottish food

Hope that's right! Looking forward to learning more Scottish Gaelic! :D


That will be a deep fried mars bar with noodles then

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