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"Sin sibh fhèin, a h-uile duine!"

Translation:Well done, everybody!

December 23, 2019



What does "sin sibh fhèin" literally translate as? I know "that", "you (plural)", "yourself/self", but not sure how that means well done? Thanks :-)


My question too, since I do like to know literal translations (it helps me remember things, and I'm often curious about how phrases originate.) Similarly, if you're saying "Well done" to one person, I'm guessing it would be "Sin thu fhèin" (?)


I'll answer my 2nd question re: one person, since I just got this in another sample. "Sin thu fhèin" is for "Well done" to one person.


I really wish someone would answer these questions about derivation of this idiomatic expression.


It’s identical to the English expression, “that’s yourself!” when you’re praising someone for a job well done.

Quite literally identical, since sin sibh fhein / sin thu fhein translate as, “that is yourself”.


Are you saying that people use that expression in English, or are you providing a literal translation? I'm asking, because I've never heard anyone say that (Canadian English speaker here.)


I am, yes, in English in the southeast US :)


Mòran taing. I've never heard that one before.


OK, well, I have lived in the southeast US for years, but years ago, and never heard that expression there, nor anywhere else I've lived in the US. Interesting. I was thinking, prior to this new input from folks, that the expression probably means "that's really you!" -- one's best self. Anyway, a nice expression!


Shouldnt there be an apostrophe after the h in a h'uile duine??

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