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"The animals destroy the building rapidly."

Translation:Animalia aedificium rapide delent.

December 23, 2019



Definitely, most of them were parrots, drunk parrots.


Their general is definitely Gen. Psittacus


why not celeriter?


I tried it but was marked wrong. I've reported it as it was allowed in a previous sentence and I can't see anything different about this one.


I put the correct words in a different order. If all the word endings are right why is the sentence wrong?


It sounds like you put the correct answer in a different order other than what would give you an accurate translation. That would be like saying "I am hungry" and you translate it as "am hungry I" see how that would be wrong? Because you didnt get it as a correct translation, try reviewing why you got the question wrong and then you'll be able to do better.

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