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App and Web version don't work together well ?

I did all my lessons on the app and had a system that worked really well for me. I would slowly work my way thru the many lessons (up to 25 - 30) while doing practices ("1 Heart Practice") in between. When I felt comfortable with the practices, I'd finish all lessons, then move on to the next category.

Duolingo ruined this by chopping the lessons down from 25 - 30 to around 6. So, now I just do many more practices before I finish the 6 and move to the next category.

Recently, I read a post that the web version still has the full amount of lessons. So, I did 3 lessons on the web (it said around 10% complete) and when I went back to the app version to do some practices, I noticed that there were 3/6 completed in the app.

I went back to the web version and completed 3 more (it said around 20% complete). When I revisited the app version, it said 6/6 complete and the category was completed. I then went back to the web version that I left at 20% and that too was 100% completed!

Unless this is a glitch, this is really poor programming.

Anyway, how can I take my time and do the many (25 - 30) lessons offered by the web version, but also have the convenience to do practices on my phone when I'm not home?

December 23, 2019


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