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  5. "नेहा बहुत पतली है।"

"नेहा बहुत पतली है।"

Translation:Neha is very thin.

December 23, 2019



Is there a rule for which adjectives change according to gender and number? For example; Neha khush hai ( not khushi) But, Neha pathli hai (not pathla)

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Only those adjectives which end in ा in their standard (masculine singular) form change to ी for a feminine subject and े for a masculine plural subject. Eg: बड़ा(big), थोड़ा (some) , काला (black) etc.
Other adjectives do not change according to gender and number. Eg: जवान (youthful), लाल (red), दुखी (sad) etc.

There are some exceptions to the rule though. Eg: ज़िंदा (alive) which doesn't change form.


It makes sense now. Thanks.

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