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"Tha mo bhràthair ann an seada."

Translation:My brother is in a shed.

December 23, 2019



Why is this "in a shed"? What would "in the shed" be?


Possibly "san t-seada"? I think the "an" in "ann an seada" is a different sort of word because the Gàidhlig for "the shed" would be "an t-seada". Please correct me if I'm wrong!


I think it should have used an t-sesada because this sounds like you're keeping your brother's body in the shed. Creepy. Ha!


When 'in' comes before a noun that has the definite article 'the' before it, you use 'anns'. So I think if it were "in the shed", you would say anns an seada.


what would mother sound like? ie mh and bh are similar and no sound of the 'r'

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Why would you ever say this? In 'the shed', sure, but in 'a shed'? Just any random shed?

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