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Thank you Duolingo

I have been spending ten minutes a day on both French and Latin after coming home from teaching Science. Rather than watching the cr-p that is shown on TV. I can enrich my life and learn something new every day.

I am thankful to the geniuses at Duolingo for only including the accusative form, keeping things simple but effective. It has certainly increased my interest in a language that is not dead yet. Well done!

Happy holidays to all at Duolingo and my fellow travellers on the journey into new vistas of learning new languages.

This service is invaluable to humanity. Please keep it free of cost and keep up your enthusiasm as we learners do.

Best wishes to all

Dr Q

December 23, 2019



We should have a story where Marcus returns from an inn and in a squiffy mood insults his wife's (Corinna's) mother. She decides to throw his dinner due down a well in retribution to the insult to Livia. Any takers?


Have you found that Latin is boosting your French and vice versa?


Yes. My hope was to study Latin before studying any Latin based languages. However there is a mutually beneficial effect of studying both. Perhaps I should have chosen Latin and Spanish instead of my present combination but I am enjoying both immensely.

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